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In his "Wake Up, America" monologue today, Eric Bolling ripped President Obama for his trip to Cuba and his tepid response to the Brussels terror attacks.

He pointed out that Obama has lifted sanctions and travel restrictions on Cuba, while gaining nothing for America in return.

"For seven years, I've pointed out that our president is terrible at making deals," Bolling said. "But what happened next shocked us all."

Bolling said that after deadly bombings in Brussels, Belgium, Obama was "unmoved," keeping his itinerary on his visit to Cuba and attending a baseball game.

The "Cashin' In" host said that Obama doesn't want to fight and win the war on terror, pointing to Obama's own stated strategy of "leading from behind."

"In effect, President Obama is the purveyor of what I call 'limp-wristed diplomacy,'" Bolling said, noting the cringeworthy photo of Obama and Cuban President Raoul Castro's awkward handshake. "How appropriate that the president's limp wrist is being help up by a communist despot."

"Honestly, I don't begrudge President Obama for his Cuba trip. I only wish he would have stayed there."

Watch the full "Wake Up, America" segment above.

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