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The Tampa Police Department released shocking surveillance footage of about ten thieves brazenly stealing eight cars from a local car dealership.

This incident occurred in the early morning hours on Friday at Prespa Auto Sales, Fox 13 reported.

Police say two of the suspects broke into the dealership office and located a box containing keys to the cars in the lot.

The suspects sifted through them, distributing keys to the rest of the group waiting in the parking lot.

The thieves fanned out to their corresponding vehicles, climbed inside and lined up for the exit, some smashing into other cars as they did.

After smashing down the exit gate, they made their getaway.

14 other vehicles were damaged as the suspects fled from the lot, police said.

Two of the stolen vehicles, a 2012 Dodge Ram pickup and a 2005 BMW, have been recovered.

Police are asking car dealers to take precautions by increasing the lighting on the lots, locking all car doors, and removing the keys from the property.

Based on information gathered during the investigation, the suspects may be linked to a crime group based out of the Orlando area, police said. They added they are in contact with authorities in the Orlando area who are assisting with the investigation.

Watch the crazy footage above.

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