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A fugitive trying to elude police in Arizona picked the wrong guy to mess with... 

The man, driving a white pickup truck, jumped out at a stoplight and tried to steal Brandon Jenkins' motorcycle.

In a moment that was caught on tape by police helicopter, Jenkins - a combat veteran of the Afghanistan war - ended up brawling with the suspect, who then gave up and jumped back in his truck as police arrived.

Jenkins said he looked the suspect over and he didn't appear to be armed, so he fought back. 

Unfortunately, Jenkins' motorcycle was run over and totaled by the pickup truck during the frantic getaway.

Jenkins, father of a two-year-old son,  was asked whether he would have done anything differently in hindsight.

"I would have swung a little bit harder," he said, cautioning others not to do what he did. 

He said he plans to press charges against Joshua Michael Monigold, 31, who was arrested after he eventually crashed his truck. 

Monigold, who had been arrested 17 times, was wanted in a hit-and-run crash last week that left another driver with serious injuries.

Watch the footage above and read more on the story, here. Watch Jenkins appear on "Fox and Friends Weekend" below - and get a very special surprise.

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