Watchdog Group: Hillary Playing 'Catch Me If You Can' With Private Emails

Giuliani: 'Hillary Clinton Could Be Considered a Founding Member of ISIS'

Conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch has uncovered more emails that Hillary Clinton failed to turn over the State Department, potentially contradicting the former secretary of state's sworn testimony.

Clinton had claimed that she did not use the controversial personal email account until March 2009, but these emails are dated February 2009.

On "Outnumbered" today, Meghan McCain wondered how much more evidence it will take for the Justice Department to indict Clinton, who seems somehow to be "above the law."

McCain added that she suspects the most damning evidence may be in Clinton aides Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin's emails.

Andrea Tantaros asserted that Mills and Abedin could end up being the "fall girls" in this investigation, as there's evidence that they actively colluded to suppress information related to Clinton's private email set-up.

"How can they not penalize her staffers?" Tantaros asked.

When McCain noted a recent poll that found 63 percent of Americans don't believe they can trust Clinton, Julie Roginsky pointed out that Donald Trump's trustworthy numbers are even worse.

Tantaros argued that is an "insane comparison," since Trump is under investigation by the New York attorney general for alleged fraud related to Trump University, while Clinton is under investigation by the FBI for possibly jeopardizing national security.

"People died under Hillary Clinton's watch," McCain stated. "And quite a few of them did, lest we forget ... Soldiers died under Hillary Clinton's watch. It's an entirely different thing [from] Trump University."

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