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A house in Rowlett, Texas, was incorrectly torn down after Google Maps led workers to the wrong address, the demolition company claims.

Tornadoes had caused widespread damage to homes in the area in December, leaving some unsafe to live in.

Lindsay Diaz was relieved after engineers said her home was structurally sound, so she began making repairs to the property.

On Tuesday, she returned home to find her duplex had been reduced to rubble.

Diaz said when she went to speak to the demolition supervisor, he realized that his team should have torn down a duplex one block further along the street.

Diaz told WFAA that a Billy L. Nabors Demolition employee later texted her a screenshot from Google Maps. It allegedly showed directions for Cousteau Drive that led to her house.

Diaz claims the president of the company has been unhelpful since the mix-up.

"I feel farther away from moving into a home today than I did after the tornado hit," Diaz said.

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