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A trio of Colorado sheriff's deputies went above and beyond the call of duty to help an elderly man and his wife after he had a heart attack from shoveling snow.

According to neighbor Barbara Stroh, Charlie Moore, 68, shoveled a small part of his driveway after a blizzard blanketed much of the state in nearly two feet of snow.

Apparently, he returned inside his home and collapsed.

Moore's wife called 911 and three Jefferson County Sheriff’s deputies came to the rescue, finding Moore with no pulse.

After reviving him and getting him to the hospital, the deputies returned to Moore's home to help his wife by shoveling the home's driveway and walks.

"We just got after it and started shoveling," Deputy Donnie Springfield said.

A photo of the deputies with a shovel has gone viral after the sheriff's office posted it to their Facebook page, with their act of kindness being roundly praised.

Watch more on this feel-good story from "Happening Now" above.

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