Softest Target Ever? A Nuclear Plant Outside D.C. Is Virtually Unguarded

Security Expert: ISIS Could Pay Drug Cartel to Attack U.S. Power Grid

New reports indicate that the suspects in this week's Brussels terror attacks planned to strike or infiltrate nuclear facilities in the country. 

Brothers Ibrahim and Khalid El Bakraoui, who detonated suicide bombs Tuesday, reportedly had secretly videotaped a Belgian nuclear scientist. 

It's believed the brothers were plotting to kidnap the scientist to gain access to the Tihange nuclear power plant.

Belgian authorities believe the suspects accelerated their attack plans after the arrest last week of Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam in Brussels.

On Fox and Friends this morning, Tucker Carlson examined the safety of American nuclear plants in light of the new reports. 

In 2014, Daily Caller reporters traveled to a nuclear plant about 50 miles from the nation's capital and found the outer perimeter to be virtually unguarded.

Professor Alan Kuperman, a coordinator of the Nuclear Proliferation Prevention Project, said he shares the concerns of many Americans that nuclear sites are soft targets for terrorists. 

There are currently 61 active nuclear plants and 99 reactors in the U.S. across 30 states.

Kuperman said a report he issued a few years ago found the following: 

- Nuclear power reactors are vulnerable to ground attacks. 

- Reactors are not protected adequately against a water-borne attack. An attacker in a boat could cut the water supply to the reactor and possibly trigger a meltdown. 

- Reactors are not protected against a 9/11-style airplane attack.

Watch his full analysis above. 

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