(Warning: video contains profanity)

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A Good Samaritan who's been dubbed "The Viking Guy" swiftly taught an unruly and obnoxious L.A. train passenger a lesson.

The shirtless, impaired man appeared to be threatening other passengers, becoming angered when someone called him a "weirdo." One man was holding up his bicycle as a way of defending himself. 

It appeared that a fight was going to break out between the man and another passenger, when Adrian Kaczmarek stepped in, seemingly from out of nowhere.

He quickly placed the 25-year-old man in a chokehold and after a few seconds, the man was on the floor unconscious.

"Daaaaamn, this is going viral," someone remarked in the background.

As he came to his senses, Kaczmarek held the man down until cops arrested him at the Culver City station.

Kaczmarek, whose actions have been watched more than a million times on YouTube, explained that he just wanted to make sure no one got hurt. 

"I didn't want to seriously hurt the guy,” Kaczmarek wrote on Facebook. “He was in another world messed up on drugs and I just wanted to stop him from hurting anyone. Had him pinned down until the cops came a stop later and arrested him. Just trying to do the right thing."

Watch the footage above.

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