LOOK: President Obama Does the Tango in Argentina

Gorka Slams Obama's 'Marie Antoinette-ish' Response to Brussels Attacks

Charles Krauthammer criticized President Obama for not showing "simple common decency" and "a respect for the opinion of mankind" in the aftermath of the Brussels terror attacks.

"The Belgians are in the midst of scraping the blood off the walls of their airport. People are still dying, people are still not yet found, and he cannot have displays of frivolous entertainment," Krauthammer said.

He said that the president didn't have to return to the U.S. after the attacks, but there was no reason he had to go to a baseball game or dance the tango in Argentina, which he called "stupendously insensitive."

You represent the United States abroad. Your image is the United States, and you can't be dancing while other people are mourning."

Watch the full commentary above.

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