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Donald Trump continued his war of words with Ted Cruz over their wives stemming from a Cruz Super PAC using an image of Melania Trump in an ad.

The Cruz campaign has disavowed the ad, saying they had nothing to do with it. But Trump has kept up his attack, claiming 'Lyin' Ted'' was behind it.

Trump also today retweeted a picture of Melania alongside an unflattering image of Heidi Cruz.

This provoked Cruz to take a harsh tone with Trump, calling him a "sniveling coward."

"Real men don't try to bully women," he said to reporters, then turning to the camera. "Donald, you're a sniveling coward and leave Heidi the hell alone."

On "Kelly File" tonight, Fox News Contributor Katie Pavlich clashed over the controversy with Trump supporter David Wohl.

Wohl claimed that Trump's retweet was him responding with "satire."

Pavlich sharply disagreed, saying she found it "amazing" that Trump supporters "continue to condone behavior that is easily condemnable."

She said that Trump's attack on Heidi was one more in a line of attacks on women's looks.

"This proves once again that Donald Trump is unpresidential, unfit for the presidency, and he should be making better decisions, and people like you should be condemning it. It's not funny."

Watch the fiery exchange above.

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