Krauthammer Slams Obama's Tango: 'You Can't Be Dancing While Others Are Mourning'

Gorka Slams Obama's 'Marie Antoinette-ish' Response to Brussels Attacks

In her "Off the Record" commentary, Greta Van Susteren blasted the president for his "tone deaf" tango performance in Argentina after the Brussels terror attacks.

Greta said she's not knocking the president for having a good time, but said that his timing could have hardly been worse.

"Cutting his trip short would have been a strong message to our allies that we grieve with them, and that we stand tall with them," Greta said.

"OK, so the president is not coming home early to send that message, but did have to send THIS one?"

She said that, regrettably, this is not the first time Obama has followed up tragedy with "tone deaf" action, pointing to an image of him grinning on a golf course after news of American journalist James Foley's beheading.

"At the very least, who is advising him?"

Watch the commentary above.

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