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On "Hannity" tonight, Pat Buchanan reacted to a report that Republican operatives are battling behind the scenes to try to convince bound delegates to change their vote from Trump if there's a contested convention.

Buchanan said the effort reflects the "desperation" and "stark terror" of the establishment at Trump.

He said that the establishment is being "repudiated," and spoke about the potential for the GOP frontrunner to forge a new Republican Party.

"I think if you get Trump as the nominee his potential is going to those states where he did well -- Michigan and I think he's going to do well in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Go to those Rust Belt states -- go after the Bernie Sanders Democrats, you know, white working-class folks, Reagan Democrats, and go and put together that kind of coalition. If he can get the Cruz people with him, I think you have the makings of a different, new, exciting, robust party."

He also said that if Cruz beats Trump for the nomination, Republicans shouldn't expect to see Trump supporters at the ballot box in November.

"Frankly, some of them came out to vote against Trump, but most of them came out to vote for Trump because he's a populist conservative, he's going to secure the border, make America great. All of these things as positive, optimistic outlooks. I think if Cruz takes it away from Trump -- I think an awful lot of those folks just go home."

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