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On "The Kelly File" tonight, Dr. Sebastian Gorka slammed President Obama for not coming home from Cuba after the Brussels attacks, instead issuing a statement that rang hollow.

"The statements made by the president smack of the Marie Antoinette-ish attitude, 'Let the people eat cake,'" Gorka said.

Gorka said that terrorism seems to be a distraction from his "life of being a celebrity."

"He wants to be hanging out with Communist dictators and going to ballgames. ISIS is simply not treated as a threat by this president or at least, he doesn't give the impression that he really cares about our allies or the Americans that were wounded."

Gorka called the president's remarks about uniting to defeat ISIS "empty words" which are not backed by meaningful actions.

"How are we going to defeat the terrorists while he's watching a ballgame and giving interviews to ESPN? The fact is we have to do something concrete."

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