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Police are recommending a misdemeanor charge for Jamie Gilt, the gun rights activist whose four-year-old son accidentally shot her with her own gun several weeks ago.

Investigators say on March 8, Gilt, 31, placed the loaded .45-caliber handgun underneath the front seat of her pickup truck. It apparently slid to the back, where her son was riding in a car seat.

They believe the boy unbuckled himself, grabbed the weapon and fired into the front seat, striking Gilt in the back.

The incident drew national attention because Gilt is a well-known pro-gun activist in the Florida area and an outspoken critic of gun control laws.

The sheriff’s office is recommending Gilt be charged with allowing a child access to a firearm.

The State Attorney's Office will decide whether to file the charge, which could land Gilt behind bars for up to six months.

Authorities said the Florida Department of Children and Families also is investigating the incident.

They did not have an update on Gilt's condition and didn't know if she has been released from the hospital.

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