Report: ISIS Training 'Hundreds' of Fighters to Attack Europe in Waves

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In tonight's "Talking Points," Bill O'Reilly criticized Hillary Clinton's speech at Stanford University today about ISIS and the terror threat.

O'Reilly said Clinton proposed "no concrete action to defeat the ISIS savages" and instead used the speech as a platform to attack Republicans.

"ISIS is like the black plague, marching through Europe, killing at random," O'Reilly said.

He said that the solution to ISIS lies in "brute force, not dumb suggestions that the Kurds handle the whole thing."

O'Reilly said that the country needs a "strong leader" who will sit down with the "smartest military people" and map out a clear fighting plan. Then, NATO must team up with Muslim countries to wipe out the terrorist group.

"No more dithering, no more sloganeering."

Watch the full "Talking Points Memo" above.

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