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The NYPD is stepping up security in the wake of yesterday’s Brussels terror attacks, which killed at least 30 people and injured more than 250 in a series of explosions at the airport and subway.

Senior correspondent Rick Leventhal reported from New York’s Times Square subway station this morning on the increased security presence rolling out across the city.

This particular station alone sees as many as 500,000 riders every single day, he said, and the department has now assigned 55 officers to patrol throughout the day.

They are also supplementing those cops with counterterrorism deployments known as TORCH Team members, many of whom are military veterans and SWAT-trained.



A veteran officer told Fox News that 30 years ago, people would’ve balked at the sight of officers carrying M4 automatic weapons in broad daylight.

“People would really freak out if they saw an officer with a heavy gun like this. But these days, people are accepting it, it’s the new normal,” said Leventhal.

“And in many cases, they’re telling the officers they appreciate their being here, because they feel a lot safer.”

Officers are also carrying out more bag checks, while trusty K9s are on duty to sniff out any potential explosive devices.



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