Man Throws Huge Alligator Through Wendy's Drive-Thru

WATCH: Man Finds Giant Python Coiled Under Car Hood

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, L.A. first responders say they were called to a sushi restaurant on Sunday after a man allegedly threw a giant python on the floor and walked out.

“Probably one of the weirdest calls that I’ve ever heard us respond to,” LAPD Lt. John Gavin told Fox 11.

Police say the man had already showed up at the restaurant with a smaller snake earlier that night. When he started arguing with another diner, he was asked to leave.

So the man did – but then he came back, this time with a 13-foot python.

“Customers are yelling, ‘Get this thing out! Are you crazy,’” Jessie Davaadorj, a server, told KCAL 9.

Lt. Gavin said the suspect, who was later arrested, didn’t deny his involvement.

He said that “he was mad, and that he felt that was the only way he could get even,” said the lieutenant.

Thankfully, the fire department and animal control were able to safely corner the snake into a box.

Police say the man, who is homeless, has been charged with criminal threats from “using the snake as a weapon and threatening the patrons.”

Watch more via Fox 11, above.

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