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Lt. Col. Oliver North discussed the Brussels terror attacks this morning, calling for a greater focus on “human intelligence” as news breaks that one of the suicide bombers had left a will in an airport trash can yesterday.

“The stunning part of all this is they’ve been at level 4 in Brussels now for weeks,” said North.

He warned that the use of encryption and terrorists’ “throwaway phones” has hindered the government’s ability to conventionally track suspicious activity.

“The best kind of intelligence you can get is human intelligence,” said the War Stories host. “The fact is, our human intelligence capabilities – theirs and ours – really stink.”

Yesterday’s “video profiling,” for instance, captured three terror suspects on camera, said North.

“The bottom line of it is, video profiling works if somebody’s actually looking and listening, and can tell somebody, ‘Hey, look at these two guys,’ and send a police dog to sniff them out.”

Officials ought to “stop bragging about successes,” North added.

“Salah Abdeslam was being talked about for days … Well, no wonder these attacks happened, because they expedited stuff that was already in the middle that they were planning. And what we now see was the end result.”

Tune in for Lt. Col. North’s special documentary, “War Stories: Fighting ISIS,” on Friday, March 25 at 10p ET.

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