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Today in the Supreme Court, justices weighed another legal challenge to Obamacare -- this one, brought by a Catholic charity of nuns that objects to paying for insurance covering birth control.

One of those nuns joined "The Kelly File" tonight for an exclusive interview, saying she felt that her organization, the Little Sisters of the Poor, made its case known to the court.

"We did feel that that the court heard our point that the government is trying to hijack our healthcare plan to insert the services that are in violation of our faith," Sister Constance Veit said.

Attorney Mark Rienzi said that the government gave up its argument that they wanted to make the birth control coverage separate from the sisters' plan, which led several of the justices to say, essentially, that they were "hijacking" that plan.

"The truth really came out, which is the government is trying to use the sisters' plan in a way that's totally unnecessary, because of course the government can get people contraceptives without nuns," Rienzi said.

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