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Three terror suspects pushing baggage carts at Zaventem Airport is one of the lasting images of yesterday's terror attack in Brussels.

Since the image was captured surveillance camera, were Belgian security personnel watching, and if so, why didn't they take action? Judge Andrew Napolitano asked on "Varney & Co." today.

"It's the $64,000 question," Judge Napolitano said. "There are cameras all over that airport, just like there are at airports in the United States."

Is the purpose of those cameras to assist the police after a crime is committed or to alert the police that a crime might be coming? Judge Napolitano asked.

He pointed out, as Catherine Herridge did yesterday, that the image shows two of the suspects wearing one glove and tightly gripping the baggage carts.

He noted that is often seen in suicide bombings, as gloves can be used to conceal a detonator switch that is attached or taped to an one's hand.

The judge added that the third man on the right appears to be wearing a mask.

He asserted that those details should have raised the suspicion of security personnel.

Stuart Varney noted that a Belgian counter-terrorism official essentially confirmed that they are overwhelmed and don't have the infrastructure to monitor hundreds of individuals.

Judge Napolitano said that reinforces the notion that private enterprise, not the government, should be responsible for this kind of security.

"That would permit an open society to remain and bad guys to be stopped."

Get more insight from the judge below.

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