Judge Napolitano Asks 'the $64,000 Question' After Brussels Terror Attack

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ISIS supporters are reportedly mocking Europe on social media and online after suicide bombers killed 31 people and wounded 270 in Brussels yesterday. 

An online poll that popped up in a pro-ISIS forum asked: "What will be the color of the Eiffel Tower in the next attacks?"

The Paris landmark lit up with the colors of the Belgian flag to show solidarity following the latest ISIS attacks.

Options included the United Kingdom, United States, Russia, Spain, Italy, Germany and others.

Meantime on Twitter, another poll asked: "What will be the next attack by the Islamic State?"

ISIS claimed responsibility for the attacks, which were praised on social media by ISIS supporters, who started a hashtag Tuesday called #BrusselsOnFire.

The attackers have been linked to the terrorists who struck Paris last November.

Read the Vocativ report, here.

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