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Donald Trump won big in Arizona last night, but his main rival, Sen. Ted Cruz, had a big victory of his own in Utah. 

Trump racked up all 58 delegates from Arizona by winning the primary and Cruz secured all 40 delegates from Utah by winning more than 50% of votes in the caucus there. 

Cruz assessed the state of the race on Fox and Friends this morning, including today's endorsement from Jeb Bush. 

He said the Utah result was a "landslide" and that Republicans are uniting behind his campaign. Cruz noted that he's getting support from the "full ideological range" of the GOP, naming Bush, Mitt Romney, Sen. Mike Lee and radio host Mark Levin. 

Cruz once again called on Ohio Gov. John Kasich to get out of the race. He said that Kasich, who finished behind Marco Rubio in Arizona, is "mathematically eliminated."

He said that Kasich is "bleeding votes" from him and helping Trump get closer to the nomination. 

Cruz rejected the idea that Kasich has a path to the nomination at the GOP convention. 

Cruz pointed out that RNC rules stipulate that in a contested convention, a candidate must have won at least eight states to be on the ballot. He said that rule will not be changed or overridden. 

Watch Cruz also discuss the Belgium terror attack in the interview above.

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