Trump & Clinton Pick Up Big Wins in Arizona Primaries

Trump Says His Campaign Is a 'Movement': 'Not So Silent, But Definitely a Majority'

A cop’s video blasting protesters who attended a Donald Trump rally in Tucson, Arizona, has gone viral.

Tucson Police Officer Brandon Tatum said he went to the rally on Saturday to judge for himself what Trump’s supporters are like.

He posted a video on Facebook saying that he was shocked by the "hateful," "evil" and "verbally violent" anti-Trump protesters.

Tatum said on "Fox and Friends" this morning that Trump's supporters, on the other hand, were kind, nice and receptive.

Despite that, those people were verbally harassed by the protesters, being dubbed "racists" and other insulting terms just for attending the rally.

"It was hurtful and uncalled for in my opinion," Tatum told Steve Doocy. "They were in there to agitate people. I felt very uncomfortable."

Tatum revealed that after attending the rally, he has chosen to support Trump in the 2016 race.

"He has the ability to make this country great again. So I definitely endorse Donald Trump."

Watch more above and see Tatum's viral video below.

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