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A little girl of partial Native American heritage was taken from a foster family in Southern California by social workers Monday, despite efforts by the family and supporters to try to block the move.

Six-year-old Lexi was taken from the home of Rusty and Summer Page so she can be placed with blood relatives in Utah under the Indian Child Welfare Act, Fox 11 reported.

The law was enacted in 1978 to help protect the interests of Native American children. Lexi is 1/64 - or 1.56 percent - Choctaw.

The Pages have been fighting the move, but their legal efforts have been rejected. The Pages say they want to adopt Lexi and say the girl considers them and their three children to be her family.

On Friday, a court order lifted an emergency stay keeping Lexi with the Pages, and social workers took action on Monday.

The Pages say they are appealing the court's decision.

Tens of thousands of people have signaled their support for the Pages in a Change.org petition and on Twitter with the hashtag #KeepLexiHome.

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