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Alex Rossi, a reporter for Sky News, was at the Brussels airport at the time of today's deadly explosions.

Rossi revealed on Sky News that he was in the duty-free in Zaventem Airport, waiting for his flight to Tel Aviv to depart.

He said that's when he heard two very loud explosions and felt the whole building shake.

"Lots of distressed people, panicked people, some of them finding cover because at that point we thought that there may be another explosion," Rossi said.

He added that they didn't know the cause of the explosions, but his instincts told him it was a terrorist attack.

"I saw one woman who was covered in blood coming down her face," Rossi said. "Lots of people crying, other people trying to call their loved ones. Lots of confusion."

He said that the scene was even more chaotic because the authorities on the scene were also frightened and had a lack of information about what was going on.

Watch the "America's Newsroom" clip above and hear more of Rossi's account below.

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