WATCH: Donald Trump Reacts to Brussels Terror Attacks

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Counter-terrorism expert Sebastian Gorka said on "Fox and Friends" that the terror attacks that rocked Brussels Tuesday morning are symbolic because the city is basically the capital of the European Union.

"Brussels is the Washington, if you will, of the European continent," Gorka said, explaining that Brussels houses much of the EU's bureaucracy, half of the European parliament and the NATO headquarters.

"We have an incredibly symbolic target that represents the heart of Western civilization outside of North America," Gorka said. "It is a very, very attractive target for jihadis."

"It really is equivalent to an attack on Washington."

Gorka also noted that these attacks come just four days after Salah Abdeslam, the main suspect in the November Paris attacks, was arrested in Brussels.

He said that it's particularly troubling that Abdeslam was able to "hide in plain sight" in Belgium, which he called "a real failure of counter-terrorism intelligence.

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