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Fox News national security analyst K.T. McFarland said on America's Newsroom that the terror attacks in Brussels today are a reminder of the war declared by jihadists. 

At least 31 are dead, according to the latest reports, after suicide bombers struck an airport and a metro station during rush hour.

McFarland said right now, the West is losing the war against global jihad.

The attacks come just days after the arrest in Belgium of a suspect in November's Paris terror attacks.

McFarland noted that Salah Abdeslam was "hiding in plain sight" for four months and probably had a large infrastructure protecting him while he planned more attacks. 

"We have to understand that we're in a whole new world now. Global jihad has declared war on all of Western civilization and we are losing that war. ... When the dust settles from all of this, I certainly hope that a strong American leader - because it can only be an American leader - can step forth and say, we are going to do to radical Islam what we did to the Nazis during World War II and what we did to the Communists during the Cold War," she said. 

McFarland said the "pinpricks" by the United States in Iraq and Syria are not working and that the U.S. and EU must take a fresh look at their immigration and visa systems. 

"It's way bigger than just putting a couple thousand troops in the Middle East," she said, adding that the response must have ideological and economic components.

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