How Will Brussels Attacks Affect Trump's Campaign? Judge Nap Weighs In

Brussels Airport Bombers Split Up Upon Entering Terminal

On "Shepard Smith Reporting," Judge Andrew Napolitano raised the possibility that the terrorists who perpetrated today's attacks in Brussels could have been spurred by information given to the press by authorities investigating detained Paris terror suspect Salah Abdeslam.

Napolitano said it's possible that Abdeslam used investigators to deliver information that only his "confederates" would understand.

"They are giving the press such detail about what they're learning, in real time as they're learning it. All of this is getting out to his confederates. Who knows if this is provoked them? Who knows if this was a dog whistle to them?"

Napolitano also said that the attacks could have been used as a way to distract authorities after the terrorists' cover was blown with Abdeslam's capture.

"This may very well have been as much an attack on the western way of life, as a diversion of law enforcement and intellgence resources to the airport, to the metro, while these people escape."

Watch the segment above.

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