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Hillary Clinton delivered a speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) this morning in Washington, taking a dig at Donald Trump's statement of "neutrality" on Israeli-Palestinian relations.

Trump drew criticism from his GOP rivals last month when he said he'd be "a neutral guy" in negotiating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

He noted that a peace deal between the sides would be the "toughest agreement of any kind to make."

Clinton said that "steady hands" are needed in the White House when it comes to Israel, not someone who believes "everything is negotiable."

She said Trump would be "neutral on Monday, pro-Israel on Tuesday and who-knows-what on Wednesday."

The former secretary of state drew a huge round of applause when she declared, "Well, my friends, Israel's security is non-negotiable."

Watch the clip above.

At the conclusion of her speech, she went after Trump again for the way he has conducted his campaign. 

She slammed Trump for "encouraging violence, playing coy with white supremacists, calling for 12 millions immigrants to be rounded up and deported" and for proposing a ban on "all Muslims" entering the U.S.

"We've had dark chapters in our history before ...  but America should be better than this. And I believe it's our responsibility as citizens to say so," she said, calling for Americans and Israelis not to be "silent in the face of bigotry."

Watch the clip below.

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