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Well, this is one way to nail a job interview!

A teenager was interviewing for a job at a Popeyes Famous Fried Chicken restaurant in New Orleans when a thief tried to snatch money from a cash register and make a quick getaway.

Manager Danyanna Metoyer and assistant manager Dominique Griffin were in the middle of interviewing 18-year-old Devin Washington Saturday afternoon.

That's when Pablo Ciscart, 50, asked the cashier to make change for a dollar, reached into the cash drawer, grabbed a handful of cash and attempted to run away.

Metoyer blocked the exit and Washington grabbed Ciscart in a "reverse bear hug."

Ciscart, realizing he couldn't escape, threw the money on the floor and gave up. Washington and cook Michael Ford held him until police arrived.

Ciscart was arrested on a simple robbery charge.

Metoyer says she and Griffin had already decided to hire Washington, but his bravery and quick action helped seal the deal.

She says they told him afterward, “You’re hired. You earned it.”

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