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A college student was slapped with a hefty bill ... from mom! 

The 23-year-old, living at home in Toronto, seems to have angered his mother by taking her for granted.

What came next was an item-by-item $40,000 invoice for "services delivered free of charge in the last 13 months ALONE."

In addition, she tacked on his tuition expenses: $23,550 over five years.

The so-called "unappreciative son" shared the bill on Reddit, and it's been picked up across the internet in recent days.

He pointed out that he was assessed a $1,000 fee for "being an [expletive] and not appreciative of your mother's support financially or otherwise."

Other charges included food, "specialty meals," cable, gas and other utilities.

NBC tracked down the mom and son, who chose not to identify themselves.

The mom said she's not actually expecting payment, but was annoyed at her son's behavior and created the invoice "to prove a point and to make him wake up."

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