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We all know being a police officer isn’t easy.

But one department in La Plata, Maryland wants people to know about what they call “the rewards of police work.”

The Charles County Sheriff’s Office posted a sweet moment captured on camera Friday, after an 81-year-old lady who was reported missing turned up safe and sound.

The woman’s daughter had called 911 after her mom didn’t return from her daily walk, they wrote in a now-viral Facebook post.

She was worried because her mother has dementia.

Five officers and a K9 who responded to the scene combed the woods for about 40 minutes before they found the woman, said the sheriff’s department.

At first, she seemed confused at the sudden appearance of police officers on the tree-lined trail, and she asked if the officers were out taking a walk too. 

They quietly replied 'Yes," after all, it was a beautiful day.

And then she seemed relieved and told them she had lost her way. "No problem," said Officer Morrison who then gently took her hand and, along with the other officers walked her back to her house ...

For us, it's the rewarding part of policing. #CCSOPRIDE #RESPECTTHOSEWITHDEMENTIA

People are now praising the officers for handling the situation with such grace.

“My grandmother has dementia so I can relate to this story,” one user wrote.

“It was great of the police officers not to scare the woman so as to confuse her more and to make her feel more comfortable as well. Job well done!”

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