Judge Nap: Hillary Will Face 'Horrific Catch-22' When Email Probe Ends

Hillary Accuses Trump of 'Bigotry,' 'Playing Coy With White Supremacists'

The "Outnumbered" panel weighed in this afternoon on the Washington Post's new report that Hillary Clinton and her allies are working on plans to take down Donald Trump.

Clinton and her advisors are said to be diving into Trump's business record, past statements and economic plans, as they prepare for what they see as the likeliest general election matchup.

Anne Gearan and Abby Phillip reported:

Neither the Clinton campaign nor several independent super PACs working on her behalf plan to respond with the same brass-knuckles style that Trump has taken with his Republican opponents, aides and outside supporters said. But in their view, Trump isn’t Teflon: Republicans waited too long to go after him, and they went about it the wrong way.

“What the Republicans did was too little, too late,” said David Brock, who runs two pro-Clinton super PACs now engaged in researching and responding to Trump. “It was petty insults. It was not strategic.”

Clinton took some swipes at Trump today in a speech to AIPAC, criticizing him for declaring "neutrality" in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations and for "playing coy with white supremacists" during his campaign.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said that before Clinton turns her attention to the general election, she has a "very important" interview to prepare for. 

"It's with the FBI and it may change everything," said Napolitano. 

Melissa Francis asked whether it sounds sexist for Trump to call out Clinton for a lack of "strength."

"Strength is a hit at her womanhood, is it not?"

Napolitano said that Clinton is running to be the 45th President of the United States and people should be free to comment fairly on her. 

"If people are going to be reticent about criticizing her because of fear that the criticism is sexist, then this is not a fair and open campaign," said Napolitano.

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