Kasich Sets Hopes on Open Convention: 'It's Part of Picking Who's the Nominee'

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John Kasich tonight answered the charge that he is handing Donald Trump the GOP nomination by staying in the race.

Mitt Romney last week endorsed Ted Cruz, making robocalls in Utah that said “a vote for John Kasich is a vote for Donald Trump.”

The Ohio governor responded on Special Report, saying "it shows you how ridiculous this is."

"A week earlier, he was out in Ohio. He was saying I had the best record ... How do you switch?"

Kasich said he has the best chance of winning in the fall.  "Why don't they get out and consolidate behind me? If they can't win in the fall, and they can't beat Hillary, what are we just trying to do? Are we just trying to pick a candidate to be the nominee?"

“Let me also tell you that if I weren’t in the race that Trump would be the nominee, because he would’ve won Ohio,” Kasich added.

The governor defended his calls for an open convention, saying “I was there in 1976, when Ronald Reagan actually challenged the sitting president,”

“Why are you people all afraid of a convention?” he asked.

Kasich also pushed back against poll numbers that question his position in the race. “I’m the only one who can win in the fall! Look at those polls!” he said.

“Frankly, there’s a lot of people that come down, and they try to decide, ‘am I for Trump or Kasich?’ Look at those polls!”

Watch the interview, above and below.

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