Report: Envelope With White Powder, Threatening Note Sent to Eric Trump

WATCH: Trump Offers Woman a Job in the Middle of His Press Conference

The FBI and Secret Service are investigating threats against Donald Trump’s family after his son and sister last week both received suspicious notes.

One day after Eric Trump received a mysterious envelope filled with white powder, a similar note was sent to Maryanne Trump Barry, a federal judge in Philadelphia.

Eric’s wife Lara apparently opened the letter, which implied that Trump’s children would be hurt if he does not withdraw from the 2016 presidential race.

Eric went On The Record tonight for the first time since the disturbing threats, saying he believes “people are lashing out” as his father continues to build a political “movement.”

“We’ve been by his side, and we’ve been very, very visible, and so that’s why it comes with the territory,” he told Greta.

“It’s unfortunate, right? You always have a bunch of whack jobs out there, and this was one case where you had exactly that.”

Asked whether the handwriting on the letter to his aunt looked the same, Eric answered, “Yeah, it very much did. It very, very much did. That’s why it probably was the same person.”

Watch the interview, above.

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