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A Florida couple welcoming a new baby received a surprise visit at the hospital from two complete strangers who were mistakenly included in a group text message.

Lindsey and Mark Lashley were at Tampa's Bainbridge Hospital delivering their new son, Cason Knox, when the baby's grandmother, Teresa Lashley, sent out a group text message announcing the birth, Fox 26 reported.

Deorick Williams explained in a Facebook post that his brother Dennis' number was accidentally included the text.

“We are at the hospital. Having a baby today! She has dilated to between 5-6,” Lashley's message read.

The brothers responded with a courtesy "wrong number" text.

“Congrats lol but I think someone got the wrong number,” they replied.

Then a second text from Lashley came through, this one with a picture of a woman holding the newborn, along with the caption, "7 lbs. 11 oz."

The brothers replied, "Well I don’t know Yall but me and the boys will be thru to take picture with the baby."

Lashley apologized, saying she was sorry she got mixed up.

“Nah that’s ok what’s the room number Bainbridge hospital right we have gifts,” they wrote back.

“130 come on and see us," Lashley wrote.

"Ttyl see you soon," came the reply.

And sure enough Deorick and Dennis did come by the hospital with a gift for the newborn. The brothers even ended up taking a picture with the mother and father.

Lashley was sincerely touched by the unexpected "wrong number" connection.

"I accidentally [texted] a message about Mark and Lindsey having a baby to a number I had in my phone for someone else which now belongs to Mr. Dennis Williams and he and his brother came by to visit us and brought the baby a gift! What a blessing these two guys were to our family. They were so sweet and kind to do this," Lashley wrote on Facebook.

The March 19 post has touched hearts across the country, receiving tens of thousands of likes and shares.

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