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Mexico is mounting a big effort to allow its permanent residents in the U.S. to become citizens – and it’s all so they can stop Donald Trump, critics say.

According to reports, Mexican consulates here are now hosting “citizenship clinics” to make sure its people are able to vote, which will be “a Herculean task,” said Neil Cavuto.

Arizona’s Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu reacted to the news on Your World this afternoon.

“This is unprecedented,” he told Neil, saying that some 500 people were looking to attend a “citizenship meeting” in Las Vegas just recently.

“That’s troubling, that’s concerning,” Babeu continued. “Mexico and its diplomats are going all out to make this effort now during our election.”

The sheriff said that “it feeds into the whole Democrat playbook,” with presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton “promising the 12 million-plus illegals who are here actual citizenship.”

 “This is what’s at stake for our nation, in America, is the fact we have to stand up for our country, for Americans, for our rights for once,” said Babeu.

“Instead of putting illegals and people from foreign countries and other countries’ problems ahead of us. That’s gotta stop. We’ve gotta put America first for once.”

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