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An anti-Donald Trump protester has an interesting take on the recent violence at the GOP front-runner’s rallies, even after allegedly being sucker punched yesterday at his event in Arizona.

Bryan Sanders says he was one of the activists demonstrating yesterday at a Trump rally in Tucson.

He said he carried “a sign that said ‘Trump is bad for America.’”

“I was protesting Trump’s fascism, his racism, his lies and his women-hating,” Sanders told the Arizona Daily Star in the interview above.

“A guy grabbed the sign out of my hand as I was being escorted out of the building, and sucker punched me.”

But Sanders, who also attended a Bernie Sanders rally and said it was “democracy” compared to Trump's “fascism and an angry mob,” is vowing to carry on.

“We’re gonna stop this. This is not gonna continue,” he said.

“If it takes somebody to get punched in the face, that’s what it takes. No problem.”

What are your views? Watch the interview above, and weigh in.

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