MONDAY: Trump, Cruz and Kasich All Have Must-See Interviews on Fox News

Judge Jeanine: The Establishment Wants to 'Sabotage' Trump and Is 'In Bed with the Democrats'

This Monday, be sure to tune in for Hannity’s powerful interview with Donald Trump, presented as a special full-hour audience event in Phoenix, Arizona!

The New York mogul last week swept state contests on Super Tuesday II, racking up wins in states including Illinois, North Carolina and Florida.

But recent protests in Chicago, Arizona and New York have brought forth a new debate about the First Amendment and about the GOP front-runner’s rhetoric out on the trail.

In a frank, far-ranging conversation with Sean, Trump sounds off on the protesters, calling them “professional disruptors.”

“If you interview them, they don't even know why they're there,” Trump says.

“They don't even know. ‘Why are you here?’ The guy goes, ‘Uh, I don't know. I don't really know but I'm here. I don't have any comment.’ OK? You have to see these interviews.”

Trump also discusses the rally he had to cancel in Chicago, after violence broke out between his supporters and detractors and caused major security concerns.

“I did the right thing,” he says. “When I landed, the Secret Service, the police, everybody said, 'this could be a potential problem.’”

“We get a lot of credit, I think,” Trump says. “Nobody was hurt.”

Trump also sounded off on the possibility of the Republicans "stealing" the nomination from him in a contested convention.

Watch the preview clips above and below and tune in to Fox News at 10p ET on Monday for the entire special interview!

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