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Over the course of this election season, video bloggers Lynette “Diamond” Hardaway and Rochelle “Silk” Richardson have risen to Internet glory as the so-called “Stump for Trump” girls.

Along with their hilarious, sparky commentary, the two sisters are known for being lifelong Democrats – that is, until Donald Trump came along.

This weekend, “Diamond” and “Silk” joined Watters’ World to explain why they started “the Ditch and Switch Now” campaign.

“We was on board from Day One,” said Hardaway. “A lot of these people want you to speak about politics. What he’s speaking is about common sense.”

Most of her family has already switched to the Republican Party, Hardaway added. But that probably won’t be all.

“He’s not only gonna have black people. It’s gonna be black people, white people, Asian people, Hispanic people,” she said.  “He is going to be pulling a lot of people off the Democratic plantation onto the Republican Party.”

“Even people who’ve never voted before is jumping on the Trump train,” said Richardson.

Asked their thoughts on Hillary Clinton, the sisters said they would “absolutely not” vote for the Democratic front-runner.

“I’m not voting for anyone that has it on their bucket list to be president,” said Hardaway.

“We don’t wanna hear another thing that the Clintons have to say. They can go home and sit down and be quiet.”

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