Sheriff Clarke: Pro-Immigration Protesters Against Trump Are 'A Conglomeration of Misfits'

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Protesters opposing Donald Trump have shut down a major highway in Fountain Hills, Arizona in hopes of stopping thousands from attending his event.

Footage shows crowds standing in the middle of the road with signs saying “Dump Trump” and “Shut Down Trump.”


Some 10,000 people were expected at the event, and many may now not be able to get there, Leland Vittert reported.


Shocking video filmed from a news helicopter above shows the activists getting out of their cars and blocking the main thoroughfare, located about 45 minutes northeast of Phoenix.

There’s only “one way to get there,” said Rebekah Sanders, a reporter for The Arizona Republic.

Alberto Gonzales, former U.S. Attorney General under President George W. Bush, reacted to the news on America’s Election HQ.

“The protesters do have the right to peacefully assemble and make their views known,” he said. “They don’t have necessarily the right to do it on a public highway.”

The former attorney general said he suspects “they don’t have a permit” to assemble, and predicted that police will soon “try to ask them to leave.”

“If they continue to break the law, then there should be consequences,” Gonzales said. “And it may involve actually going to jail.”

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