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This member of a town board simply wanted to honor her country and community at its bimonthly meetings.

But that was sharply rebuffed last Monday, when one leader called her idea to recite the Pledge of Allegiance “a total waste of time.”

Amy Cohen sits on the planning board of the upstate New York town New Paltz. She told The New York Post that the idea of saying the Pledge came from some veterans and locals of her community.

“This is a government building, we have a flag here,” Cohen explained.

“Personally, coming in off the street to do our governance … I feel that it helps me kind of transition.”

But Vice Chair Lyle Nolan had some strong – and some would say unpatriotic – words for Cohen.

“To me, it’s a total waste of time,” he said.

“It’s a pressure type of thing, because if you don’t stand, it looks like you’re against it and I don’t think we need that. We’re all adults. We’re all here to do a job.”

The motion failed to pass at a vote of 4-3.

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