Hannity: 'The Establishment Is Lost, and They Have Been Beaten Badly'

Judge Jeanine to Trump Protesters: 'The Silent Majority Will Not Be Silenced'

This Monday, all three Republican rivals appear on Fox News Channel for a jam-packed lineup of special interviews you won’t want to miss.

It all kicks off at 6p ET on Special Report.



First up, Ted Cruz sits down with Bret Baier to discuss his plan to secure the nomination.

The Texas senator has told voters there is “a clear choice” between him and Donald Trump. How does he plan to unite voters behind his campaign?

Cruz: 'Every Republican Has a Clear Choice' Between Trump and Me

Also on Special Report, what’s keeping John Kasich in the race? The Ohio governor speaks out on his hopes for an open convention, and explains why he deserves America’s vote.

Kasich won his home state of Ohio on Super Tuesday II, and has vowed to tie up the nomination despite the current delegate count. What are his chances of coming out on top?

Kasich Sets Hopes on Open Convention: 'It's Part of Picking Who's the Nominee'

At 7p ET, Greta brings smart analysis of the latest in the race. And Eric Trump goes On The Record to share candid insight from his father's campaign, days after reportedly receiving a threatening note containing white powder.

Then, don't miss Bill's explosive no-spin coverage at 8p ET! It's a powerful O'Reilly Factor.

Report: Envelope With White Powder, Threatening Note Sent to Eric Trump

What's Ted Cruz's strategy for Utah and Arizona?

He joins Megyn Kelly at 9p ET to talk strategy for the crucial upcoming states. And would Cruz support a possible contested convention? The Kelly File gets real answers from the Texas senator.

Cruz on Uniting the GOP: 'I Don't Insult Anyone, I Keep My Focus on Substance'

Stay tuned to Fox News – because at 10p ET, Donald Trump will join Hannity for an hour-long, no-holds-barred interview.

The New York mogul recently swept state contests in Florida, Illinois and North Carolina, but a new debate has emerged about the violent protests at his rallies. Trump sounds off on the latest in the race and lays out his real plan for America.

Trump Tells O'Reilly He'll Be More Statesmanlike After He Clinches Nomination

Don't go anywhere Tuesday, because the Fox team has special election coverage of unfolding state contests in Arizona, Utah and Idaho.

Bret Baier, Bill Hemmer and Martha MacCallum have all the latest breaking news, starting at 6p ET!



Be sure to tune in both nights at 6p ET, and stay updated on Twitter with @FoxNewsInsider!

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Cruz on Uniting the GOP: 'I Don't Insult Anyone, I Keep My Focus on Substance'

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