Sheriff Clarke: Pro-Immigration Protesters Against Trump Are 'A Conglomeration of Misfits'

WATCH: Anti-Trump Protesters Shut Down AZ Highway to Rally

An anti-Donald Trump rally broke out on the streets of New York City on Saturday and gathered outside the GOP front-runner’s eponymous Trump Tower.

A staggering estimated 2,000 people are said to make up the crowd, organized by a Facebook group started by the Black Lives Matter movement and the “cosmopolitan anti-fascist movement.”

The demonstration began as a peaceful protest at Columbus Circle. But police began making arrests as protesters began spilling off the sidewalks onto the streets, said Fox News’ Bryan Llenas.

Speaking by phone to America’s Election Headquarters, Llenas reported that the activists appear to be a diverse mix of people – with African-Americans, Muslims, immigration advocates, Bernie Sanders supporters, and even a mom with kids spotted in the crowd.

“The message is very much about anti-Trump, but it’s also criminal justice, and white supremacy,” he said.

“You’ve got sort of the fringe, you’ve got the regular people who are here.”

The group is said to not have a permit for the protest.

The demonstration in New York started while another protest unfolded on a main highway in Fountain Hills, Arizona, where people were blocking access to a Trump rally.


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