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In a special one-hour live sit-down with "Hannity" in Arizona, Ted Cruz spoke about staying above the fray in order to unite Republicans ahead of the general election.

Cruz said he feels that hurling insults at other candidates makes it hard for the party to unite, and that is the reason he won't engage in that type of behavior on the debate stage.

"I don't get into that mess, I don't get into that muck," he said. "I don't insult anyone. ... I keep my focus on substance and policy, and I think that's one of the reasons that so many Republicans are uniting behind our campaign."

Cruz also said that every time another candidate drops out, his campaign gets stronger.

He called Florida senator Marco Rubio, who suspended his campaign on Wednesday, "a good, talented, inspirational person."

"He's got millions who he inspired, and that's a real problem for Donald, because the overwhelming majority of those Rubio supporters have come and are supporting us, and so we keep getting stronger and stronger."

Watch more from the event above.

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