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On "Kelly File" tonight, former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain forcefully disputed two activists who accused Donald Trump of saying racist things about blacks and other minorities.

Cain said that fellow guests Ja'mal Green, who helped lead the protests that shut down a Trump rally in Chicago last week, and Trahern Crews, an organizer of Black Lives Matter in St. Paul, were "part of the political noise machine" and needed to look up the definition of racism.

"They pick on the sound bites that some people are trying to project as the perception of Donald Trump, and it's totally inaccurate and unfair," he said.

Cain said Green used an isolated statement made by Trump about Mexican immigrants to bolster his argument that misrepresented Trump's message.

"Donald Trump does not satisfy the definition of a racist or any of these other things that they're putting out there. They are in denial that Donald Trump is someone who will be forceful in doing the things that are right for all Americans."

Megyn Kelly and Cain also fact-checked Crews when the activist said that Trump used the expression "Make America White Again."

"Donald Trump has never said that," Kelly said. "That would have been big news."

Cain said that Crews was again perpetuating the political noise machine surrounding Trump.

"The problem I have is misrepresenting what the man said for their objective, and their objective is destruction and intimidation. That's their only cause."

Kelly then told Crews: "If you misrepresent the record, if undermines your whole argument." 

Watch the must-see segment above.

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