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The two top executives of the Wounded Warrior Project were fired last week by the board of directors due to allegations of lavish spending.

WWP's former chief executive officer, Steven Nardizzi, and chief operating officer, Al Giordano, appeared on "Fox and Friends" today to speak out about their ousting from the nation's largest veteran charity.

Giordano said that the firing came as a surprise, calling the CBS report about the spending "a misrepresentation of the good work the Wounded Warrior Project does."

He said that he has 30 years invested military service and helping veterans, so people who know his character understand that he and Nardizzi are being hit with "false allegations."

Nardizzi asserted that an independent review by a forensic accounting firm found that 80 percent of the spending of the organization goes towards veterans programs and services, as opposed to 60 percent, the number CBS reported.

He pointed out that the organization has grown from serving only 3,000 vets a year to over 100,000, and did tremendous work for servicemen and women.

"It’s grown to over 20 programs that provide deep and meaningful services to our warriors and their family members," Nardizzi said. "Every day we keep them out of nursing homes, we keep them out of crisis, we keep them from committing suicide, from homelessness, from substance abuse."

He acknowledged, however, that he and the organization are not perfect and mistakes were definitely made.

"We’ve clearly made mistakes along the way, despite the great success of the organization ... And for that, to our donors and supporters, I apologize personally for that."

Watch Brian Kilmeade's full interview above.

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