Report: Clinton Tried to Change Rules to Use Blackberry in Secure Facility

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There's a stunning new twist just a day after we learned then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton used her unsecured Blackberry while traveling in Russia and China.

A video has emerged of Clinton acknowledging in 2014 that she could not use personal devices in those counties, due to the risk of being hacked.

On "Outnumbered" today, Andrea Tantaros said that Clinton's defense as she's been investigated for her private email setup has been that she didn't understand the ins and outs of secure communication.

Tantaros said this 2014 video revelation flies in the face of that defense.

"This is willful deceit," Tantaros stated, explaining that it's a clear violation of State Department policy to use an unsecured Blackberry in those countries.

Tantaros asserted that each instance Clinton used the Blackberry, every email sent, is a separate felony.

"It's arguably the largest national security breach we've seen in decades," Tantaros said. "FDR would have had her summarily thrown in prison."

See more reaction from "Outnumbered" above and watch the 2014 video of Clinton below.

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