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A dog who fell off a fishing boat in the Pacific Ocean more than a month ago was found alive by Navy officials on an island off the coast of San Diego.

Luna, a 1-and-a-half-year-old German shepherd/husky mix, was presumed to have died after falling overboard from a commercial fishing boat about two miles off of San Clemente Island on Feb. 10.

Owner Nick Haworth and search teams combed the area for days after Luna's disappearance, but had no luck. On Feb. 20, Haworth paid tribute to Luna with a mournful Facebook post.

But miraculously, Luna appears to have swum ashore on San Clemente Island and survived for weeks on the island’s natural offerings. She was discovered on a roadside by Navy service members on Tuesday.

She was described as malnourished but otherwise in good health.

Luna was placed in the care of a family friend until Haworth returns from a trip and can be reunited with his four-legged friend.

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