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There has been increasing talk of a possible third-party candidacy in this presidential election, something many voters say they might be able to support.

Fox News exit polling from this week's primary contests found a significant number of Republicans saying they would seriously consider voting for a third-party candidate in November if it comes down to a contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

But Trump himself suggests that would all but assure the Democrats a victory in November.

On "Kelly File" tonight, conservative radio and TV host Dana Loesch said she doesn't believe Ted Cruz supporters will come over to Trump's side.

"These are individuals who are really standing on principle and they're not going for popularity," she said.

She lays the blame not with conservatives who are considering a third-party candidate, but with the Republican Party.

“If the Republican Party didn’t have such a fetish against grassroots conservatives, and didn’t have such a fetish for going after people like Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Mike Lee and Senator Rand Paul, people who are actually doing the will of the people, I think we’d be having a different conversation today.”

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